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Name:The Red Pen Writers Guild
Website:Red Pen Role-Play
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to the Red Pen Writers Guild!

Here we respect the members and their skills, and help each other in every way a family of authors. Feel free to join and post, but expect critiques from other members and try not to be too sensitive; we're all pretty blunt here. Enjoy!

Current Events: Looks like it's free-for-all here for a while! No real official challenges, so bring what you want to the party. Just remember to be helpful~

Welcome to the DreamWidth mirror for RPW! A big step, but still the same goodness~

Also, remember to add your name and birthday to the comments here so we can keep track!

Past Events: Create-A-Character Challenge, Origfic Story, Secret Santa 05, Description Mini-Challenge, Single-Title Challenge, Song Inspiration Mini-Challenge, Spring Challenge, Genre Challenge, Prompt Grid

~Guildmod Virgo

Mod and Co-Mod Contact Information


- Full User Info

- AIM swv186
- E-mail

Important Links to Know

- Meet The Members Each of the mods and members introduced themselves. Please feel free to join and do the same. All introductions are put into memories.

- Challenge One: Create-A-Character Hosted by x_soriku

- Challenge Two: Character-Based Stories Hosted by x_soriku

- Secret Santa 2005 Hosted by virgo186

- Member's Birthdays

- Challenge Three: Description Mini Challenge Hosted by x_soriku

- Challenge Four: Single Title Challenge Hosted by virgo186

- Challenge Five: Song Inspiration Mini Challenge Hosted by karasaurusrex

- Challenge Six: Spring Challenge Hosted by x_soriku

- Challenge Seven: Genre Challenge Hosted by virgo186

- Challenge Eight: Prompt Grid Hosted by mementolucifera

- Please respect everyone.
- All comments left to stories, challenges, etc. should be helpful. That means no unnecessary spamming, flaming, bashing, etc. Critique, as long as it is constructive, is encouraged.
- There are no limits or restrictions on anything written, however, genres (fantasy, horror, sci-fi), ratings (G, PG, R), disclaimers (if writing a fanfic or using a character that is not yours), and warnings should be clearly labeled before the story is read.
- Please put all stories or large challenges behind an lj-cut, this will save space in watchers' flists and on the community main page.

- Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. You will only receive one warning before you are kicked out of the community.

Plagiarism is illegal and not tolerated here.

Rules may be added or deleted at anytime. If a rule is added after you have done something wrong, you will not receive a warning.


-CoMod Tasha
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