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Oh dear, oh dear, how time does fly. This is your very humble failmod reporting in, trying to spark new life into this poor neglected community.

The last post in this community was 06 June, last year, so I think it's been more than long enough. Summer approaches, so hopefully that brings creativity to the members, new and old.

That said, I feel I've been most of the problem, so I call to you, the members, for some ideas. Prompts, challenges, round-robin plots, the sky's the limit. This is your chance to tell me what to do, and I'm sure some people may enjoy that idea. :)

As for me, I will try and keep things rolling once we're back in action again. Being so idle is nothing but stressful for me, and I'd be so upset with myself if this place were to simply close down. This is supposed to be our writing circle, a safe place, and if it goes dormant, then what?

So yes, members, I call on you to make your suggestions, to help revive this guild and seriously, tell me what to do. I'm taking orders this time, not giving them, so feel free to say what you want. :)

There's no deadline on submissions, as I'm sure everything will be used at some point. Those of you who have ongoing stories or things you want to post, go for it! Let's get things rolling, in honor of the new year (even if it's already a few months in, who's counting anyway...?) and get the writing going again!

~Mod Virgo

Date: 2010-05-06 11:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] amylan.livejournal.com
Maybe themes - I know there are a few things like 30 kisses or tarot or something. Or maybe some kind of meme thing, like a kink meme without the kink.

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