Apr. 11th, 2017

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Well, we made the move, so here we are. Those who haven't come over from LJ yet, we're here and ready for you if you do. It's rather nice here, actually.

For any newcomers, let me introduce myself. I'm the mod around here, and this community started from an idea I had ages ago. Why fear and hate the red pen, when we could embrace it as a symbol?

Thus, the community had a name. One of the LJ members gave it a form, and we had our sandbox.

There was, for a time, a companion RP community, but I left that to my co-mod at the time and some of the other members. If that comes over, it'll be up to them.

This is really a community aimed at original fiction, though for a while, those of us who were also OSW players were posting little things involving the cast we created for that. (It was borderline original stuff, so as mod I thought it would be okay. The game's been closed for a while now, which still makes me a bit sad.)

I do ask that any critique given here is constructive, as outright "omg this sux" flames help nobody. It doesn't have to be all positive, just...make it constructive. Good and bad together. We're trying to be helpful, we're not a mocking place.

So welcome to the community, and may the stories be flowing again!

~Mod Virgo

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